Little Campaign Focuses on Direct Voter Contact

Highlands, NJ - On Saturday, July 24th, more than 150 volunteers for Anna Little will begin canvassing local neighborhoods and taking Anna's message directly to the voters.  Anna's team will kick off the weekend of knocking on doors with a meet & greet attended by the candidate at 8:00 AM at Dunellen Bagel, located on 390 North Ave. in Dunellen, New Jersey.

Anna is an energetic, articulate and experienced candidate ready to take her success as a Monmouth County Freeholder and current Mayor of Highlands Borough to Washington DC.

"The incumbent Congressman has been in D.C. for 22 years.  He's become increasingly out-of-touch and seems to have forgotten where he came from.  Anna is a terrific candidate with an ability to appeal across party lines to unaffiliated and democratic voters.  Our door-to-door effort will be concentrated on speaking to those Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who have simply had enough of the over-taxation, out-of-control spending and continued irresponsible borrowing by the current powers in Washington." explained Anna's campaign manager, Leigh-Ann Bellew.

"This is retail politics at its best" said Mayor Fred Rast of Atlantic Highlands, an early supporter of Anna's campaign.  "I'm proud to be a part of this historic effort."