SHREWSBURY, NJ – On the first Friday of each month, the Eastern Branch Library hosts an information program on issues of special concern to seniors.

First Fridays for Seniors deals with topics ranging from identity theft, safety in the home, and medical and financial issues. All the programs are free, and refreshments are served during the sessions.

The next three sessions will have a financial theme, and will be presented by Maura Attardi, the Regional Director of Education & Community Relations for Money Management International.  The programs are:

August 6 – The Art of Scam-Scams and Fraud - Statistics show that criminals scam victims out of billions of dollars every year using various types of fraudulent activities. Avoid becoming a victim yourself. Learn how to recognize the tricks of a con artist and the tell-tale warning signs of a scam.

September 3 – Living on a Fixed Income - Are you living on a fixed income? Learn to “stretch” your income by setting priorities, establishing a budget, planning, and saving.

October 1 – Using Credit Wisely: Curves Ahead - One of the essential tools that can help you reach your financial goals is your credit management. When credit is used wisely, it can be a part of your plan to reach long term goals. Used unwisely, overwhelming debt can affect long-term plans.

All programs run from 11 a.m. to noon. The Eastern Branch Library is located at 1001 Route 35, Shrewsbury. For any questions, please call the library Reference Desk at 1-866-941-8188.

For more information on programming at the Monmouth County Library, please visit the Library’s website at