WALL, NJ - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Minority Whip Dave Rible that would exclude citizen’s band (CB) and two-way radios from the cell phone ban has been signed into law by the Governor.

“I applaud the Governor for signing this bill into law,” said Rible. “This bill will help emergency medical technicians, who utilize these radios in order to provide essential services.”

The bill, A-2542, exempts the use of a CB radios or a two-way radio by operators of moving commercial motor vehicles or authorized emergency vehicles on a public road or highway from the current law that makes it a primary motor vehicle offense to use a hand-held wireless telephone or electronic communication device while driving.

“The success of New Jersey businesses are a top priority,” said Rible. “By banning the use of CB and two-way radios, we would be hindering commercial vehicle drivers of both small and large businesses.”

Currently, several states already have an exemption for CB radios built into laws restricting call phone use while driving. CB radios are safer than hand-held phones because they do not require a driver to hold the device to his or her ear.

Bill A-2542 is co-sponsored by Assembly Republican Leader Alex DeCroce. The bill takes effect immediately.