HIGHLANDS, NJ - Mayor Anna Little has claimed victory over Diana Gooch in the 6th Congressional District Republican Primary race.  She sent a message to supporters thanking them for their support.  She especially noted support from the Bayshore and Jersey Shore tea party groups for their work on the campaign.  Little declared, "the tip of the tea party sword is right here in New Jersey!"

She urged supporters to carry the message throughout the district and work to "retire Frank Pallone."

The following is the text of her message:

Dear Friends,


We pulled out a victory in our race against Diane Gooch for congressional district 6.

We will go on to challenge 11-term incumbent Frank Pallone. We won the Monmouth County portion of the district handily pushing us over the top.


Thank you so very much for your support over these past few months leading up to the primary. The commitment and dedication of so many of you is something about which I am truly incapable of describing. You have shown that the 6th District has some of the finest grassroots volunteers in the Nation.


I want to thank the tea party groups for allowing me to represent your voice.

I can't adequately express my appreciation and awe at how the tea party movement in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties came together for this election and made the difference that they did; I truly believe their efforts are what put us over the top. I especially want to thank the Bayshore and Jersey Shore tea party groups for working so tirelessly on this campaign, in every conceivable way. There can be little doubt anymore about the strength and significance of the tea party movement and I am thrilled that the tip of the tea party sword is right here in New Jersey!"


This race is not about me. This race is about the people of this district, state and country.

This race is about us, and about what is the best course to restore the government to the people of the United States of America.


Now we need to turn our attention to giving the people of district 6 a real voice in Washington.

Let's get to work retiring Frank Palone!


Little Government is Good Government.

Let's make history together.


Anna C. Little