ASBURY PARK, NJ - For the first time ever attendees of Asbury Park’s Jersey Pride festival will see an alternative to the Democratic Party. This year the Reform Party will be on hand for the festivities, bringing a message of fiscal responsibility to the state’s largest LGBT festival, held at the Jersey Shore’s legendary gay resort.

The Reform Party, founded by supporters of Texas billionaire turned presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, has long addressed pertinent issues that the two major parties have ignored. The party has been vocally critical of NAFTA and the WTO, while demanding that term limits be instated on members of Congress.

With many activists feeling betrayed by the Democratic Party’s failure to champion marriage equality, and equally disenfranchised by the astonishingly high taxes that plague New Jersey, this year is a prime example to spread the message of fiscal responsibility, government accountability, and citizen involvement that the Reform Party is so well known for!

While the original New Jersey Reform Party (which once ran legendary rocker Pat DiNizio for Senate) was dissolved in the early 2000s, a group of dedicated activists have revived the once influential entity.

National Chairman David Collison urges voters to consider the newly re-organized Reform Party as an alternative to the two major parties:

“After over 15 years, the major parties have still not faced the reality that their stances and policies are neither viable nor appealing to the majority of Americans.I fully expect us to run local and state candidates in 2012 and to show a clear growth in both membership and influence in many states.  Watch our ballot access for the proof!”

The Reform Party will be present at the Jersey Pride festival, June 6th, 2010. Our information booth will be located on the fairgrounds, just steps from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and newly rejuvenated boardwalk.