WALL, NJ - On May 10, Senator Sean T. Kean (R-11) sponsored legislation, S-1908, that amends Kyleigh’s Law to remove the requirement that a provisionary driver display a red decal on their license plate. Kean said the original intent of Kyleigh’s Law was to protect new drivers; however, he stated that if the red decals are going to create a danger for these same young drivers then the decals should not be used.

“New drivers who are driving during the first year of their probationary license must be provided with the proper training, support and knowledge that it takes to safely operate a motor vehicle,” said Senator Kean. “Driving a car is a major responsibility and new drivers have to become acclimated to driving a car, the rules of the road, and defensive driving.”

Kean remarked that probationary drivers need safeguards such as limiting the number of passengers they may have in car.

“The intent of Kyleigh’s Law was to increase safety measures for new drivers. The decals were intended to alert police that this is a probationary driver and they should only have a certain number of people in the car or be on the road during certain hours.”  Kean continued, “However, these drivers and their parents are concerned that the decals could target them for sexual predators, scam artists, or other harmful activity.”

Senator Kean explained that he was contacted by many parents and teenagers who were concerned that the red decals would mark them for negative attention, rather than designating them as new drivers who should be afforded some leniency from other drivers.

“I did not want the red decals to cause any harm to a probationary driver or cause them to feel apprehensive about driving,” said Kean. “The law was intended to protect new drivers and other motorists, not to mark them for their age or lack of driving experience.”

Kean, a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, said he is hopeful that the bill will move through the legislative process.