FREEHOLD, NJ – The Monmouth County Police Academy graduated 28 special police officers May 12, in time to help bolster local law enforcement efforts during the busy summer months.

The graduating class trained for nearly 132 days over the course of 32 weeks in order to complete the 35th Basic Course for Class II Special Police Officers.

In the graduation address, Freeholder John P. Curley said police officers are a special breed of public servant and praised them for their courage, dedication and integrity.

“All of you will be tested in a way most people do not understand,” Curley told the graduating class. “You will answer the call and place your lives on the line because that is what you are trained to do. I am confident you will pass that test because of the training you received from our highly qualified instructors. As police officers you will make our communities better and safer places to live.”

Curley also reminded the new officers that even though they are in law enforcement, enforcing the law is only part of the job. He said they should expect to spend much of their time responding to medical calls and administering emergency medical services and attending to accident victims.

“The rest of the job is being good role models, friends and neighbors in the communities where you serve,” he said.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun E. Golden praised the new officers for pursuing a career in public service. “Through dedication and hard work you all have successfully completed training and attained certification as law enforcement officers. I commend you for a job well done and wish you much success as you embark on a career in law enforcement.”

Police Academy Director John G. McCormack said the new officers are trained and ready to begin protecting citizens in the communities they will serve. As special police officers, he said, they will be held to a higher standard of conduct and are expected to demonstrate an abiding sense of fairness. “The people you serve expect these things from you,” McCormack said.

Award winners are:

Anthony D. Chrepta, Marksmanship Award; Amanda G. Arnold, Academic Award; Gaetano F. Palumbo Jr., Physical Training Award; Christopher R. Atkinson, Traffic Officers Association Award; Anthony D. Chrepta, Outstanding Trainee Award, and Brady M. Carr, Merit Award.

Graduates of Monmouth County’s 35th Basic Course for Class II Special Police Officers and the towns/agency where they will work:


Amanda G. Arnold                             Eatontown

Christopher R. Atkinson                    Long Branch

Michael A. Azzarello                         Helmetta

Brady M. Carr                                    Asbury Park

Anthony D. Chrepta                           Spring Lake

Matthew H. Clark                               Monmouth Beach

Brian M. Dreher                                 Manasquan

Jeremy D. Drewry                              Asbury Park

Kyle J. Earley                                     Sea Girt

Jonathan R. Edwards                          Long Branch

Robert A. Knott                                  Long Branch

Matthew J. Kremp                              Sea Girt

Ralph L. Latham III                            Sea Bright

Kelly A. Leimburg                             Sea Bright

Jeffrey D. MacDonald                                    Sea Girt

Mark C. McGowan Jr.                        Manasquan

Ronald J. Osadacz Jr.                         Lake Como

Aaron E. Owens                                  Long Branch

Gaetano F. Palumbo Jr.                      Long Branch

James L. Panagoulakos                      Asbury Park

Stephen D. Panepinto                         Manasquan

Nicholas B. Sarno                               Avon

Eugene E. Scheicher Jr.                      Helmetta

Dean H. Schoch II                               Long Branch

Charles A. Sebban                              Avon

Robert B. Wagner II                           Manasquan

Nicholas J. Whelan                            Sea Girt

Lemar D. Whittaker                           Asbury Park