compton neighborworks 1Sponsored by the Affordable Housing Alliance with assistance from Middletown Township

Port Monmouth, NJ – June 9th, 2017: The Affordable Housing Alliance was on scene with the clean-up of Compton’s Creek for the annual National NeighborWorks Week. The Affordable Housing Alliance a chartered member of NeighborWorks of America is taking action cleaning up the area. As part of an annual event to bring attention to the importance of community development organized volunteers and staff are going to make a big difference for this community through hard work and neighbors helping neighbors. Compton’s Creek was littered with garbage/ debris from Superstorm Sandy and debris that have been washed up on the shore for many years.


compton neighborworks 2The theme of the event was called “NeighborWorks Works” as other chartered members across the nation sponsor similar events contributing thousands of volunteer hours to improving an area of their community. It has brought many people closer together with this clean up. The event was separated to two parts. The first being cleaning up the weeds and grass that has over grown on Church Street on Compton Creeks Bridge. The second part was picking up the garbage in the creek. Using weed whackers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, rakes, push brooms, shovels, gloves and garbage bags the area was cleaned up. The items found during the cleanup were very unique such as an oxygen tank, fire extinguisher, a couch and more.

compton neighborworks 3We had a lot of help and special appearances arrive to the event. Over a hundred volunteers from Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and members from the community assisted with the cleanup. We also would like to thank the Monmouth County parks Department and Middletown Township Public works for their assistance with the clean up as well. Steve Massel appeared who is part of the Middletown Committee and stated “That the Affordable Housing Alliance and volunteers have made a major difference to the Creek.”