protesting beck 1RED BANK, NJ -- More than 150 protesters gathered Sunday afternoon outside the Red Bank office of Senator Jennifer Beck to speak out against Beck’s opposition to legislation that aims to close the gender wage gap in New Jersey. Beck was one of only four Senators to vote against the bill when it originally passed the Legislature with outstanding margins. When the bill was put up again in an attempted override of Governor Christie’s veto, Beck again voted “no.”


“For years now it has been apparent that Jen Beck cares more about appeasing Governor Christie than she does about bettering the lives of her constituents,” said Carol Rizzo, a Committeewoman from Neptune Township, “This equal pay vote is just the latest example. She had a chance to stand up to Christie and protect the rights of women in her district, and she failed.”

protesting beck 2The protest, organized by the Monmouth County Democratic Women’s Caucus, spilled out along Monmouth Street in Red Bank as organizers led chants, invited speakers to share their stories, and served donuts with a chunk sliced out, to represent the 21 percent earnings gap between women and men. Attendees included local residents, elected officials, and advocates, including Sue Fulton, a retired Army Captain and member of the first co-ed class at West Point.

protesting beck 3“The gender wage gap is not a myth, as many might suggest. Women with the same experience and expertise as men are paid less. It’s a real barrier too many women still face, and to think that an elected official would be opposed to addressing that injustice is mind-boggling,” said Fulton. “Today almost two hundred local residents came out to let the Senator know that this issue matters to them. I think it’s time that Senator Beck started listening.”​​