nj 211 logoStrong Connections between Help and Hope: NJ 2-1-1 Year-in-Review

East Hanover, NJ – Since 2005 NJ 2-1-1 has been providing residents of our state with connection to essential resources that often move callers in crisis from despair to hope. “While many of the calls we receive come from families who are looking for solutions to the most basic of needs like utility assistance, food and affordable housing,” states NJ 2-1-1 board president Gina Plotino, “we answer calls for many other things too, such as mental health counseling, childcare or transportation.  Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.  Call 2-1-1 for everything else. ” With a resource database of nearly 3,000 agencies and more than 10,000 programs and services, NJ 2-1-1 is the easiest place to start to find a solution to any problem relating to health and human service needs.

With every passing year, new partnerships are made between NJ 2-1-1 and government and community organizations.  These partnerships establish clear pathways for people to follow when help is needed. In celebration of national 2-1-1 Day, we celebrate how 2-1-1 makes help happen in New Jersey.

In 2016 NJ 2-1-1 connected 363,627 people with services they might otherwise have missed. NJ 2-1-1 community resource specialists answered 155,737 calls for assistance. Another 5,835 calls are forwarded directly to state hotlines. Our website received 202,055 visitors.

Our partnerships with United Ways across New Jersey, as well as state and local government help connect people in-need with existing services and programs. In 2016 our partnerships lead to the following special initiatives, going above and beyond to make help happen:

  • ReNew Jersey Stronger (since June 2014)
  • SSVF [Supportive Services for Veteran Families] (since December 2012)
  • Homeless Hotlines
    • Hudson County (2016)
    • Middlesex County (4 years)
    • Morris County (7 years)
    • Passaic (10+ years)
    • Your Way Home (3+ years)
  • Utility Assistance Hotline (5 years) TRUE and PAGE (2016)
  • Kinship Navigator Program (6+ years)
  • NJ Register Ready Special Needs Registry (6+ years)
  • UVIS [Unified Victim Identification System] (5+ years)
  • Targeted Help for those Impacted by Atlantic City Casino Closing (started June, 2015)
  • Online scheduling for VITA sites (5 years)
  • Bergen County United Way Compassion Fund Screening (10+ years)
  • After Hours Adult Protective Services (Morris County)
  • Diabetes Management and Prevention Initiative (2016)
  • Human Trafficking (2016)
  • EndHungerNJ.org
  • Flu on Call
  • Help Me Grow (2016)
  • NJFindARide.org
  • Prescription Drug Card

In January the Governor’s Office extended our reach when NJ 2-1-1 was asked to serve as the Addictions Helpline, connecting people suffering from addiction and affected family members and loved ones with the help they need.