Demand Free College, Jobs, Public Banks, Citizenship for ALL

NEWARK, NJ Participating in nation-wide demonstrations against Donald Trump, NJ activist groups will rally and march in Newark January 20 to demand “The World We Want”. The event was initiated by a newly-formed organization, the Movement for Socialism, and is co-sponsored by the Peoples Organization for Progress, National Day Laborers Organizing Network, 15NowNJ, NJ Green Party, Newark Education Workers, NJMay1/Jobs for All, International Luxemburgist Network(US), and Revolutionary Socialist Organizing Committee.

“Trump is a farce and a fascist, he plans to further rob us of our civil liberties and help make the rich richer. We refuse to fight over the crumbs that the billionaires leave us. To resist, we need to unite to demand what we all need,” says Lili Gomez, a spokesperson for the event. “We are demanding free college, healthcare, transportation, housing and clean energy for all, which will provide jobs for all. We are demanding equal rights and citizenship for all who live here; and we are demanding public banks for all. This event just one step in a campaign that we hope will spread throughout the country. Our goal is to dismantle the racist, sexist capitalist system and replace it with socialism.”

The rally will be held at Independence Park (Van Buren and Martin) starting at 2:00 PM, with a march beginning at 3:00 PM. There will also be a Popular Assembly from 5:00-7:00 PM to decide next steps. The Assembly will be held in 123 Ackerson Hall, Rutgers-Newark (180 University Ave.). Among the steps being discussed is reviving a Rapid Response Network to protect immigrants from raids.

“Our demands are realistic, “says Eric Lerner, another spokesperson.” We can provide the free services that we demand through a democratically -controlled federal public works and public service program. The program will have direct government employment with good wages and reduced hours.  The money is there—we have to fund the program by taxing the wealthy and corporations, slashing weapons spending and ending all US wars and occupations. Through this program, we can provide environmentally-sustainable jobs and training for all who want them, including all immigrants and the formerly incarcerated.”