“Women United, Together We Rise”

TRENTON, NJ - Activists and groups will be organizing on January 21st for the Women’s March in Trenton. We will be standing in solidarity as a sister march of the Women’s March on Washington. Marchers will be gathering to send a message supporting equal civil and human rights. We are urging our state and federal governments to uphold these rights 

“This is about trickle down bigotry,” said Elizabeth Meyer, founder of the Women’s March on New Jersey. “Our America is great. On January 21st, we will be here, in Trenton, to make it greater. We will move forward, not backward.”

On January 21st, people across the country are coming together to send a bold message to our new government and the world on their first day in office. Women’s rights are human’s rights and we will stand in solidarity for the protection and safety of our families and the environment.

“We have had some wonderful advances during the last eight years, including LGBT rights and victories at the Supreme Court that validated women’s right to choose, and we are not prepared to go back and will accept nothing less,” said Diane DuBrule, Acting Executive Director, ACLU-NJ.

The march’s focus is on the strength that lies in diversity and the power that comes when differences are set aside as women and allies rise together.

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D) said, “Women have struggled. We bear children. We take care of families. We take care of friends. We are fighters. So, when we march in New Jersey, we march as one. We will not be a chess move.”

We need to stop any rollbacks or eliminations of the rights of women, their families and their communities as well as environmental and public health protections. People across the country will be gathering in local communities and in Washington while we have our march here in Trenton.

“One of the reasons I am marching is to stand up against all forms of hatred, bigotry and injustice including Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism,” said Azra Baig, community activist.“There has been an unprecedented amount of backlash against the Muslim Community across America, including against Muslims in New Jersey.” 

Although bound together in solidarity, each participant has her personal reasons for marching.

Participants will unite at Patriot’s Theater at the War Memorial for a speaking program at 10:00 a.m. Participants will then march a half mile to the steps of the State House where they will take a People’s Pledge and hear a call to action.

“As women we need to make sure that we weave our fabric so tight that not one piece of thread becomes unravelled so that we can sustain,” said Francis Blanco, Chief of Staff, Mayor Eric Jackson, Trenton. “The takeover begins here in Trenton on January 21st.”

The march is being held in solidarity with close to 300 sister marches being held simultaneously across the United States and globally.

“This march is for everybody. We need men as fathers, grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and nephews to stand up and say these rights are not just for one sex. These are human rights and this is about ensuring there is equality under the law,” said Doug O’Malley, Director, Environment New Jersey.

“We’re joined in solidarity to send a clear message to Washington that they cannot roll back protections for human rights, women’s health, and the environment. We’re joining people all across the globe and saying to the Trump Administration that a woman’s right is a human right. We all have the right to a clean and healthy planet. This is just the beginning of our battle to protect our future,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

For a complete list of more than 30 partners and more march details, please visit the March’s official website or the event's Facebook page.