vin gopalMONMOUTH COUNTY - Monmouth County Democritic Party Chairman Vin Gopal today announced his candidacy for State Senate, challenging Republican incumbent Jennifer Beck.


Born in Neptune Township and raised in Freehold Township, Gopal says that it is time for new leadership to tackle New Jersey's grave fiscal problems. A successful local small-business owner, Gopal previously served on the Board of Directors for the now Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce where he chaired the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee. He is a past-President of the Hazlet Township Business Owners Association, and a past-Board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County.

Gopal previously served as a volunteer EMT for the Colts Neck and Freehold First Aid Squads, responding to hundreds of 9-1-1 emergencies. Gopal currently volunteers with the Long Branch Fire Department.

Gopal is also the Founder and President of a 501c(3) organization dedicated to helping local charities and individuals in need.

Gopal volunteered his time as the Democratic Party Chairman in Monmouth County where he helped place the focus of local campaigns on the crushing property tax burden placed on Monmouth County homeowners. He will resign this week from his volunteer position as party chair in order to focus his time speaking with the residents of the 11th Legislative District.
"Today, I am announcing my candidacy for State Senate in Monmouth County’s 11th Legislative District," Gopal said. "As a small business owner, I know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up and to create jobs - to go without taking a paycheck in order to make payroll. I know what Monmouth County residents are going through."

He added, "I’ve felt the impact that Trenton’s over-regulation, suffocating taxation, and red-tape has on the Monmouth County economy and on the ability of families to make ends meet. And I understand that the selfish backroom dealing of Trenton insiders like Senator Jennifer Beck - who has repeatedly changed her vote on critical issues to serve her own political interests - have had a detrimental impact, not only on Monmouth County, but on our state for far too long.

"Monmouth County needs a Senator who will battle with the insiders in Trenton, not just show up and act like a puppet," Gopal said. "We need a Senator who will spend every day fighting to lower property taxes, one who will work constantly to eliminate the red tape imposed on small businesses. And we need a Senator who is going to do what’s right in funding women’s health care policies, not use the Senate to fulfill their own personal wishes and ambitions. As your Senator, I will spend every day fighting against Trenton insiders and fighting for the needs of working people. That is my pledge to the residents of Monmouth County."