Project Pinball Charity donates a third pinball machine to Meridian Dentistry for Children

Neptune, NJ - Project Pinball Charity has brought pinball to anotherarea of K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital, this time for the patients, families, and staff at the Meridian Density for Children office. This third donation will be across the way from two other machines that live on the 2nd and 5th floor of K. Hovnanian’s Children’s Hospital’s main building.

“The pinball machine will be an asset for the child-friendly, caring environment that is Meridian Dentistry for Children,” says Dr. Donn Winokur, DDS. “We focus on care for underserved populations, including children with special health care needs, all of which would greatly benefit from this wonderful gift.”

These pinball machines have a special meaning to a local man that volunteers to help the Project Pinball Charity. “Both of my parents were treated at K. Hovnanian,” Dan Toskaner explains. “I can never repay what the hospital and staff has done for me, but it feels good to be able to help bring some joy to their young patients, parents and staff through the magic of pinball.”

Project Pinball Charity continues to provide these services to all at K. Hovnanian Children’s. Daniel Spolar, the Senior Director and founder reflect on this third dedication: “The hospital believes in what we do and we can all see that it makes a difference. We will keep placing pinball machines because they make an impact on people’s lives.”

K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital is just the first stop on Project Pinball Charity’s December 2016 Northeastern tour. Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Wisconsin’s as well as Ronald McDonald House Columbus will all be receiving a pinball machine this holiday season. As of 2017 Project Pinball will have placed 25 pinball machines throughout the United States.

About Project Pinball Charity Group. Inc.
Project Pinball Charity Group. Inc. is dedicated to providing recreational relief to all patients and their families as well as physicians and nurses who care for them at their local Children’s Hospitals. A pinball machine is a powerful tool that offers therapeutic benefits which fit perfectly with the dynamics of a hospital environment. It helps keep patients active and mobile while also providing entertainment. Project Pinball provides all the equipment, parts, supplies and regular maintenance at no cost to the Children’s Hospital. With each visit and testimony we are realizing the power one pinball machine can have when placed in the right setting.

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