ymca swimLocal YMCAs Hold Statewide Wellness Event on Jan. 7th to Promote Positive Personal Change and Community Health.

Trenton, NJ – It seems nearly everyone has a “New Year’s resolution,” but statistics indicate that less than a quarter of these resolutions are kept. To help keep those personal goals real, YMCA’s across the state will conduct Open House events at their local facilities on January 7th. To learn more about your local YMCA and the “For More” healthy living and open house events, visit www.njymca.org.

Creating personal change takes effort, and support, according to Anita Bennison of the YMCA State Alliance. To encourage individuals and families to make their resolutions a reality, YMCAs across the state will come together on January 7th to promote healthy living in their individual communities. The Y promise is that when people are engaged in YMCA programs and memberships, children learn what they can achieve, families spend quality time together, and we all build relationships that deepen our sense of belonging.

Local YMCAs are a place where you can do this today. There are many reasons to join the Y –

  • Do you sit all day at your job? A sedentary lifestyle may contribute to negative health risk factors.
  • Are your children spending more time inactive than active? Children should have one or more hours of physical activity per day. Too much TV, computers, or other electronics? Try the Y!
  • Are you often tired and dragging? Movement promotes energy and good mental health.
  • Do you need motivation and connection? A support system not only holds you accountable, it makes exercise more fun.
  • Is your weight unhealthy? More than one-third of America is deemed overweight or obese? Eating properly and being physically engaged is important to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Are you stressed? Exercise is a constructive outlet for stress; music, movement, and a social environment are stress busters!
  • Feeling alone? You will be welcomed at the Y.

Because personal change can be difficult, it’s important to take steps to make sure you join a welcoming and non-threatening environment. Community resources like the YMCA offer seniors, families, and others a place to gather and support each other in a healthy social environment. The YMCA is a nonprofit and believes all should have the resources to achieve good health and wellness. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Make your first stop the YMCA! Locate your area YMCA then attend, “For More”, a free, state-wide event on or about January 7th (individual Y schedules may vary). Some of the planned activities at New Jersey YMCAs include: tours, exercise classes, and open swim time. Many Y’s will have giveaways and guest passes for those in attendance. Other typical offerings include children’s activities, healthy snacks, contests, and pure fun! To learn more about your local Y and open house events and 3 month membership drawing visit www.njymca.org.