Monmouth County, NJ –The fifth annual TEDxNavesink has launched its search for speakers. The theme for 2017 is centered around IDENTITY and exploring the qualities, characteristics, beliefs, ideas, and experiences that make people and things unique. The event will be held Saturday, May 20, 2017.

The TEDxNavesink IDENTITY speaker selection committee is looking for individuals who are excited by ideas and want to share their own with an audience of over 700 ticket holders and a global audience who will view their talks on

TEDxNavesink IDENTITY encourages submissions from people who are able to present unique and compelling ideas about identity, whether it’s their own experiences or central to their work. Deadline for applications is Thursday, December 1, 2016. Apply to speak or nominate a speaker at

The conference brings thought-provoking talks, art and entertainment to Monmouth County, mixing local, national, and global themes and talent. Past speakers have launched ideas, partnerships, companies, and careers through their participation in TEDxNavesink. Thousands apply to speak and a few dozen are selected to talk on stage or present their music or art with the hundreds who attend.

“I'm grateful to TEDxNavesink for allowing me to speak about my experiences to an engaged audience” said 2016 speaker Eileen Huang. “As a young person, it meant a lot to have others hear about my ideas from a well-known platform.”

“We are seeking speakers who have a unique idea to spread about identity,” said Jamie Sussel Turner, who leads the speaker selection committee. “Whether it’s through the lens of gender, race, class, arts, human study, technology, design or something more,  those selected to be TEDxNavesink speakers have a unique opportunity to work with an experienced team who will collaborate with them in uncovering the essence of their idea, and offer coaching so they can deliver the talk of their lives.”

About TEDxNavesink IDENTITY
TEDxNavesink IDENTITY will explore the qualities, characteristics, beliefs, ideas, and experiences that make people and things unique. And this focus couldn’t be more appropriate for the age we’re living in. Identity is everywhere: from gender identity to racial identity, to online identity, the topic is always in the news.

We battle identity theft. We change our identities. Some have secret identities. Others have identity crises. We’re individuals who are confronted with the malleability of gender, race and reputation in our own cultural events and headlines. We are always looking to identify with the next big thing. We have social media, phones, and computers that encourage personalization. We reinvent our living spaces. We recreate our clothing styles. We compete for the best food, the best cars, the best music genres, and the best films. We’re identifying ourselves in so many ways that we don’t notice. Identifying ourselves has moved into our workspaces and classrooms.  

Who we are shapes our life and work. Share your identity. Apply to speak at

About TEDxNavesink
Founded in 2012, TEDxNavesink is a self-organizing annual Monmouth County-based event dedicated to education, community, innovation, and “ideas worth spreading.”  Each year, a different theme is chosen to build the day of nonfiction theater. Business and nonprofit leaders, artists, and students from local universities plan, manage and fund the all-day event.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The goal of TEDXNavesink is to bring world-leading TED talks to Monmouth County in an all-day live event that inspires us to learn and think about the future of our home on the shore.

Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available at