At the Red Bank YMCA on Nov. 11
A Mission of Shared Living for Palestinian & Israeli Communities

Red Bank, NJ - Hannah Rendell and Raed Abu Leil will be presenting a lecture focusing on the current situation in Jerusalem, and the important work of the Jerusalem International YMCA (JIY) towards conflict mitigation on Friday, Nov. 11 at The Community YMCA Family Health and Wellness Center in Red Bank.

Hannah Rendell is the Director of Development at the JIY. A Jewish Israeli, Hannah moved to Jerusalem from Beer Sheva in the South of Israel, where she had previously worked in the field of conflict mitigation at Hagar; Jewish/Arab Education for Equality.

Dedicated and passionate about the importance of shared positive experiences between Israeli and Palestinian communities, Hannah’s children attended one of few bilingual Arab/Jewish schools in Israel. She brings to this presentation her own personal experiences and perspective on the mission of the JIY in serving its community.

Raed Abu Leil is the General Manager at the YMCA Three Arches Hotel. Raed, a Palestinian Christian who was born and raised in East Jerusalem, joined the JIY in 2006 when he started to work as a waiter in the restaurant. During his employment at the JIY, Raed has worked in every department of the organization from Accounting to Youth, and now holds the responsibility of both the hotel and restaurant. Raed has been an integral part of JIY’s growth over the last decade and has a special connection with its mission and vision for a better and peaceful Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem International YMCA has been serving the people of Jerusalem for over 133 years, facilitating peaceful coexistence between its communities.  A meeting ground and conference center for people from all backgrounds and nationalities, coming together to discuss issues of shared concern, the JIY is a safe haven in the complex region, celebrating what unites us, while also respecting what makes us all different. The Jerusalem International YMCA provides a model for how diversity strengthens us all.  The future can be different because of what is happening at the Jerusalem International YMCA today.

The lecture will take place Friday, Nov. 11, 7 – 8 p.m. in the Gymnasium at The Community YMCA Red Bank Family Health & Wellness Center, 166 Maple Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701. The presentation is free and open to the public.

For more information contact or 732.671.5505, ext. 131.