Hamilton, NJ – While ghosts and goblins line the streets on Halloween night, NJ motorists will be looking for one last treat – to fill up their cars with gasoline before the prices go up.  The 23 cent per gallon increase in the New Jersey gas tax, will go into effect on Tuesday, November 1st.   For the past 28 years New Jersey has had the second lowest gas tax in the nation and the state’s transportation infrastructure has suffered as a result. 

The increase will provide a much needed investment in our transportation infrastructure, making our roads and bridges safer, and improving commutes across the state.  But it’s up to motorists to make sure that the investment remains with our roads and bridges by voting ‘Yes’ on Public Question Number 2 on November 8th election ballot.

A ‘Yes vote’ on Question 2 will constitutionally dedicate 100 percent of the gas tax to roads and bridges, a ‘No vote’ allows Trenton discretion to use the gas tax revenue to ‘plug holes’ in the budget, leaving our road maintenance and repair in jeopardy.

Over the last year there has been much debate about funding the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). Throughout the debate, AAA has had one guiding principle – gas tax revenues that are generated must be dedicated to the Transportation Trust Fund.  The money generated from motorists should benefit motorists.  Voting ‘Yes on Public Question 2’ will ensure revenues are constitutionally dedicated today and in the future.

Motorists agree with AAA’s assertion that the funds be dedicated without diversion, which is why motorists also overwhelmingly support a constitutional amendment to dedicate the gas tax to the Transportation Trust Fund.

In AAA’s biannual motorist survey, respondents were asked if they would support an amendment that would fully dedicate all gas tax revenues to the TTF, 73 percent supported such a step.

“It’s clear that the public no longer has any confidence that tax dollars are getting to their intended purposes. That’s why we see such strong support for a constitutional dedication for the gas tax,” Tracy Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic said.  “Restoring that confidence is why voting Yes on Public Question 2 is so important.”

Given that New Jersey is ranked eighth in the nation for having the worst bridges and road conditions which cost the average motorist more than $2,600 per year in operating costs including accidents and traffic delays, this dedicated funding source would provide safety and a much-needed economic boost for New Jerseyans.

Investing in the state’s transportation infrastructure has never been more important. Motorists have shown time and again the impact crumbling roadways and heavy traffic congestion has had on their lives.  More than 70 percent ranked New Jersey roadways as “poor” or “fair” according to the AAA motorists’ survey.  These rankings have continued to climb every year citing commuters’ dissatisfaction New Jersey roadways.  

Improved infrastructure means less congestion and traffic for New Jersey commuters and improved efficiency for businesses.

Voting 'Yes' on Question 2 also will garner revenue from the out-of-staters who use New Jersey's roads.