MARLBORO, NJ - It all started with an organization called Kateri Day Camp. The day camp's purpose is to take underprivileged and, frequently, orphaned children and give them an amazing summer camp for fun. Anousha Mehta and Cara Healy were thinking of working with this organization to earn the Girl Scouts Silver Award. They thought that a topic of teaching how to maintain a healthy lifestyle may be helpful to the campers at this summer camp.

Recent reports suggest that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important parts of a person's life. As reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 75% of American adolescents don't get enough exercise. CDC said that about 1/3 of children and teenagers eat fast food and pizza almost daily. These statistics helped to encourage the two girls on their Girl Scout Silver Award Project.

Anousha and Cara thought that this would be the perfect population to work with to help them to understand making healthy lifestyle choices. The girls worked at the Kateri day camp presenting information to the campers to teach them ways to a healthier lifestyle. The campers were given classes the Girl Scouts created and executed with the help of volunteers. The kids were taught how to cook nutritious foods and the perks of exercising.

Later, Cara and Anousha branched out and gave their presentations to three preschools: the Marlboro Goddard School, Turtle Creek Learning Center, and Meridian Early Childhood Education Center at JSUMC, as well as to a Marlboro Girl Scout Troop.

“Although the work with the campers only took a week, Cara and Anousha put a great deal of of time in planning the program,” Mrs. Pat Heaney said when asked about the girls work at Kateri Day Camp. “They incorporated fun ideas to make the program exciting for the campers.”

Being healthy is very important and these two Girl Scouts showed this to the kids the presented to at the summer camp. To learn more visit