and Democratic Party led Legislature for suggesting further Carvouts

Trenton, NJ -- The Green Party of New Jersey abhors the decision made this week by  Governor Christie to  once again  insult working people in the Garden State by vetoing a bill that would have gradually increased the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Despite the fact that this bill was watered down by business interests in the Assembly, the Governor decided that it was more important to preserve obscenely high profits for business owners than it was to ensure a livable wage for New Jersey workers.

The Green Party of New Jersey finds that these actions  demonstrates that working people need a party that will stand up for them in Trenton.  In response to this insult by the Governor, the Democrats in the Legislature have talked about passing a bill with even more carve-outs than the bill that passed the Legislature earlier this year.  They have talked about watering down the bill with exemptions for farm workers and youth workers. This is unacceptable.  

According to data from the New Jersey Policy Perspective, there are currently 724,000 workers in New Jersey who make less than $11.05 an hour.  Almost 90 percent of these workers are adults over the age of 20.  More than half work more than 35 hours a week, and 23 percent are parents.  Together, these parents are raising more than 288,000 children.  Working families in New Jersey need a raise now, but the Democrats and Republicans care more about giving tax breaks to companies and the wealthy, than guaranteeing an income you can live on to residents of the Garden State.

The Green Party of New Jersey believes that  working people need a party that they can count on.  "The Democrats and Republicans have stood by as CEO pay has grown to 300 times that of the average worker", said Gary Frazier Jr. , the Green Party candidate for Camden City Council.   “It is the workers who build businesses, but CEOs are profiting off their backs.  We need to build a new system that de-thrones the CEOs and gives workers a say in their workplaces", added Julie Saporito-Acuña, the chairperson of the GPNJ.

The Green Party of New Jersey will stand with working people against the two corporate parties, who slash wages for the working class while they slash taxes for the rich.  Until we build power outside the two corporate parties, we will continue to be forced to settle for what the rich think is reasonable rather than what we know is necessary. The GPNJ continues to stand with 15Now New Jersey in demanding an immediate increase in the wage to $15 an hour with no exemptions.  

“If the state Legislature doesn't want to do its job and give working families in this state a break, then we’ll take their jobs,” said Michael Mangels, vice-chair of the GPNJ.  He continued, “the entire Legislature is up for re-election next year, and working people won't forget.” The Green Party of New Jersey is an organisation  that is dedicated  to the  fight for a living wage in the Garden State.