dep fire marshal paul murphyphoto: AH Deputy Fire Marshal Paul Murphy

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ -  Atlantic Highlands Dep. Fire Marshal Paul Murphy recently was named to the National FIre Protection Association (NFPA) technical committee on boat yards and marinas.

The committee reviews, amends and writes fire safety codes which are used nationwide.

Reached by email, Murphy wrote, "I'm very honored to be named to this national level committee.  I certainly hope to take all of the experiences and knowledge gathered from inspecting our municipal marina over the last 15 years and translate that directly into code standards.  Thus helping other marinas and boatyards across the country be as safe as ours has historically been.    

The rebuilding process after Sandy was a big learning experience and I'm fortunate for having been able to experience it.....although I certainly wish it would have been under different circumstances. There are many aspects of a marina or boatyard that offer unique challenges, from marine electrical safety, to limited access areas, to saltwater resistant building materials, that all play a part in the overall safety of the facility.  I'm hoping to bring to a local experience to a national level and help continue to provide a safe haven for boaters "