investors bank tearsInvestors Bank Donates $2,500 for Infant Funerals

Photo Caption: Investors Bank representatives Assistant Vice President and Wall Branch Manager Valerie Centanni, center, and Sandy Broughton, Vice President and Community Development Officer, right, present a check to Riki Milchman, New Jersey Marketing Director of TEARS.

ROBBINSVILLE, New Jersey – The death of a young child is beyond unimaginable for most, but reality for the parents of more than 1,300 babies who die each year in the state of New Jersey. TEARS is a non-profit organization helping to ease those families’ burdens, and they are able to do so thanks in part to a recent donation of $2,500 from Investors Bank.

"One in four families are affected by pregnancy or infant loss in their lifetime. Investors Bank is helping to break the silence surrounded by pregnancy and infant loss and helping to bring awareness,” said Riki Milchman, New Jersey Marketing Director of TEARS. “New Jersey is strong; we stand beside one another, we help one another in times of crisis. We honor the lives of each child, and together we can help every family in New Jersey who is facing this unthinkable tragedy."

According to Milchman, at least one and sometimes both of the parents requesting assistance from TEARS are unemployed. TEARS has never turned away a family in need.

The funds from Investors Bank are devoted for the Infant Funeral Assistance Program, which is for babies who die at the age of 20 weeks gestation up to one year old. TEARS works directly with funeral homes, cemeteries, and hospitals to provide support to the child’s family. TEARS will help provide for items including caskets, urns, burial plots, cremation, and grave markers.

Investors Bank Assistant Vice President and Wall Branch Manager Valerie Centanni said, “Investors Bank is moved to assist TEARS in supporting New Jersey families during such a difficult time. It is one less thing families have to think about, and that’s a blessing.”