SHREWSBURY - Sarah Klepner, LVCYT, is her own best advertisement that Yoga improves energy and is good for both mind and body. The Long Branch resident is presenting the Chair Yoga program scheduled for Friday, Aug. 5 at the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library. The 11 a.m. program which is part of the First Friday for Seniors Series at the Route 35 facility, is a series of stretches from a seated position, making them available to a broad range of people of all ages.

     Practiced without the need for getting down on a mat, Chair Yoga, which has been practicing for more than 5,000 years, is designed to improve breathing, invigorate energy, lubricate joints and relieve muscle pain.

   Klepner, the instructor for the program at the library, is energy in motion as she presents the class as just one of her many diverse talents. Coming to New Jersey from Chicago, where she wrote for a local newspaper, earned a degree in philosophy, and took on local issues, Klepner earned her teaching certificate in Yoga earlier this year and is in demand in a number of different locations and facilities, including sites in Middletown, Belmar, Red Bank and Long Branch. The instructor is also a substitute teacher in the Red Bank Regional school system and a waitress at a local restaurant.

   “There are numerous benefits to yoga,” she explains in her resonant and precise voice. “Among other things, it has been known to improve concentration and help in relaxation techniques. Klepner noted acupressure and Quigong, an ancient Chinese procedure, can also be an integral part of yoga, as both assist in relaxation and restoring energy. They cultivate a mind-body practice that improves both mental and physical health by focusing on posture, movement and breathing technique.

   No reservations are needed for the program, which, as with all programs at the Monmouth County library, is offered at no cost to participants.

   Further information is available by visiting the library’s website at