Tennent, NJ – Dissatisfaction with the two major political parties and their candidates is at an all-time high. Voters are looking for candidates they can vote for, not just against. Fortunately for them, a record number of Libertarian Party candidates will be on the ballot in New Jersey in November.

It begins with our Presidential ticket: former governors Gary Johnson (President) and Bill Weld (Vice President), who will be on the ballot in all fifty states. They are beginning to appear in the national polls and are working to be in the Presidential Debates this fall. CNN will be devoting a live Town Hall meeting to them on June 22 at 9PM.

With Congress’ approval at an all-time low, the Libertarian Party will be running candidates for the House of Representatives in 10 of the 12 New Jersey Congressional districts. Representatives who have taken their reelection and their constituents for granted will find themselves challenged to answer for their mismanagement of foreign policy and the economy, and for standing by idly as our civil and personal liberties are increasingly violated.

At the county level, the Libertarian Party will be running two candidates in the Bergen County Freeholders election. At the local level, the Party has candidates running for town council in Allendale, West Milford, Berkeley Township, Montgomery Township, and Washington Township (in Gloucester County).

“Never before have so many New Jersey voters had the chance to cast so many votes for liberty,” said Jim Tosone, Vice Chair of the New Jersey Libertarian Party.