“Anyone Can Acquire Grit and It’s More Important Than Talent,” Says Executive Coach and Business Trainer to Fortune 100

Lincroft, NJ – June 14, 2016 – Everyone is talking about grit these days but Claude Blanc knows it inside out. His firm, CHB Associates, has helped corporate executives and small business owners find their grit for more than a decade. He facilitates training on three continents, for clients such as Merck and Honeywell International, as well as coaching local businesses.

Personally, Mr. Blanc’s own “school of grit” goes back to his entrepreneur parents and grandparents.  His mother owned a trucking company in Africa before losing everything and returning to France to start a real estate agency.

Mr. Blanc is tri-lingual. At 19, with $50 in his pocket, he bought a train ticket to Istanbul and spent six months in India and Nepal, learning about life. After that, he went from the bottom of the corporate ladder to serving as a corporate officer in charge of more than $1 billion in contracts.

He worked for three multinational Fortune 500 companies before starting his own business at an age when others are often thinking about their retirements.

 “In tough economic times, grit is what separates survivors from those who crack under the pressure,” says Mr. Blanc. “But grit can definitely be learned and will take you further than talent alone. Everyone’s life has turning points when grit makes the difference between success and failure.”

His talk, “The Power of Grit! 5 Steps to a Fulfilling Career: WHETHER YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT OR MID CAREER,” will give practical information on how to develop grit. It’s jointly sponsored by IEEE Women in Engineering and Brookdale Community College Women In Science Technology Engineering and Math (WEST) Club.

“Everyone's talking about it but how exactly do you develop it? It's not just a matter of willpower,” Mr. Blanc says. Success is not about raw talent, nor finding “career hacks,” he explains. It’s having the perseverance and focus to keep improving and to recover from setbacks.

 Working in corporate America as a trainer and coaching executives through the Great Recession, he has seen up close what grit looks like. Today he lives in Monmouth County, NJ, with his wife, with whom he has raised four ‘gritty’ daughters.

About the event:

Registration can be found at https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/39839.  

Room MAS001 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

No Charge - You don’t have to be an IEEE member, nor do you have to be a student at Brookdale.

For more information about Mr. Blanc’s work, please visit http://chbassociates.com/about-us.