psu ecocar3 team

Penn State Advanced Vehicle Technology Team snags 6th place in EcoCAR3 competition

San Diego, CA - Penn State received the 6th place overall award in Year Two of the EcoCAR3 competition, awarded at the contest’s concluding dinner Thursday night at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

Christian Farwell, a graduate of Henry Hudson Regional High School, and a freshman in mechanical engineering at Penn State, served as a mechanical team member at the competition.


EcoCAR3 is a four-year competition,sponsored by GM and Argonne National Laboratory, which challenges university teams from throughout North America to compete in the redesign of a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, with the goal of reducing its environmental impact and incorporating new technologies and innovative ideas, while maintaining vehicle performance.

This year, the team was tasked to take its technical plans developed in the first year (before receiving the vehicle) and implement them in the vehicle. Year Three will include rigorous testing of the vehicle’s performance in a range of track events, and the final year will require teams to achieve performance results as well as addressing the customer expectations of a market-ready vehicle.

Sixteen university teams took part in the challenging ten-day competition, which took place at the Desert Proving Ground in Yuma, AZ, and in San Diego. Only the top 6 team received overall awards.

Photo of the Penn State team (l to r): Stephen Boyle, Connor Disco, Christian Farwell, Tengiz Geglia, Dave Chatterpaul, Brant Stoner, Chase Schell, Jesse Rong, Josh Dudash, Hugo McMenamin, Ryan Smith, Andrew Ruf, Gary Neal (team advisor), and Dule Shu.