nynj baykeeper beach cleanup teamphoto: Team of volunteers from iCIMS helped clean Veterans Memorial Park. photo credit: NY/NJ Baykeeper

CLIFFWOOD BEACH, NJ - NY/NJ Baykeeper partnered with a dedicated team of 41 volunteers from iCIMS to remove hundreds of pieces of trash on Friday afternoon from Veterans Memorial Park in the Cliffwood Beach section of Aberdeen on New Jersey’s Bayshore.


iCIMS, a Matawan-based provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, participated in the event as part of EarthShare's Corporate Green Day Challenge 2016. The event inspires competition between cleanup teams throughout New Jersey, and judges them based on teamwork and spirit.

The company’s volunteers removed dozens of trash bags filled with plastic water bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic bags, glass bottles, aluminum cans, Styrofoam, and other debris that dotted the park’s grounds due to littering and storm tides. The cooperative effort resulted in a cleaner and healthier beach for the local community and wildlife.

“Not only is iCIMS committed to our Bayshore community, but our employees are passionate in helping create a cleaner and healthier environment,” said Colin Day, chief executive officer of iCIMS. “Partnering with NY/NJ Baykeeper was a natural fit for us as we are an environmental conscious organization. From using eco-friendly recycled products in our offices to planting a tree for every new employee hired, we actively produce a positive and measurable impact for a more sustainable environment.”   

nynj baykeeper beach cleanup 1At least 165 million plastic pieces float within harbor waters at any given time, according to NY/NJ Baykeeper's NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Plastic Collection Report. Polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, which is used in the production of single-use plastic cups and take-out containers, accounted for roughly 40 percent of the plastics found by the study.

“NY/NJ Baykeeper is committed to preventing plastic pollution from entering our marine environment,” said Debbie Mans, Baykeeper and Executive Director of NY/NJ Baykeeper. Once plastic litter enters our waterways, it can harm habitat and be mistaken for food by fish and birds. Litter cleanups are a great way to prevent this type of harm to our waterways. We thank iCIMS for lending a hand to cleanup such an important resource to the Bayshore community.”

Flooding often washes litter into sewers, where it makes its way into local waters, and winds up on beaches and in wetlands. It then poses a threat to wildlife, who become entangled in it and/or sickened by it.

The Bayshore remains one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems within the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary. Its beautiful beaches and wetlands serve as habitats for thousands of species of birds and fish. It faces the challenges, however, of a dense population and a changing shoreline caused by rising sea levels.

NY/NJ Baykeeper often hosts opportunities for volunteers like those from iCIMS to beautify the region’s habitats and waterways. NY/NJ Baykeeper reminds residents to always dispose of trash properly and to avoid using throwaway products such as single-use plastic straws, bottles, and bags that can contribute to marine debris.