sandy hook beach centersSANDY HOOK, NJ - Gateway National Recreation Area (Gateway) is currently in phase one of rehabilitating the Sandy Hook Beach Center Areas for sustainability and resiliency as the park continues to recover after Hurricane Sandy. All of the beach centers at Sandy Hook suffered extensive damage during the storm.   The work in this phase includes demolition of the beach center stands at Areas B, C and E, repairs to the buildings at G and I, and installation of resilient utility hook-ups at Areas C, D, E, G and I for mobile service and vending machines. Mobile food trucks will continue to provide services for the summer of 2016.

“We want to restore services that our visitors expect wherever possible,” said Jennifer T. Nersesian, park superintendent. “We also must use a thoughtful approach to re-building in the most resilient way for these areas.”

Gateway is still in the planning phase to address the facility at Area D. Area D included the Seagull’s Nest Restaurant, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Final plans for this area should be in place by fall of 2016.