rbr culinary 3at Hope is Delicious Dinner fundraiser to benefit the JBJ Soul Kitchen

PHOTO: The RBR Culinary Students were guest chefs at their Hope is Delicious dinner fundraiser for the Soul Kitchen on January 26. Pictured (left to right): are (back row): Derrick Bradley, Bradley Beach; Gianni Perfetto, Little Silver; Brandon Trani, Little Silver; Sarah Lashovitz, Little Silver, Shelley Banfield, Shrewsbury, Culinary Instructor Chef Peter Roskowinski, (middle row) Sammie Feder, Millstone, Kelly Cruz, Union Beach Kaylee Faragasso, Shrewsbury; Soul Kitchen’s Dolly Bonilla , (seated)Chef and Soul Kitchen Manager Lou Morreale, and Victoria Scamardella, Union Beach.

LITTLE SILVER, NJ - On January 26, the talented students of Red Bank Regional (RBR) High School’s Culinary class assumed the responsibilities for cooking, serving and seating restaurant patrons at its third annual Hope is Delicious Dinner fundraiser to benefit the JBJ Soul Kitchen. As in the past two years, the event sold out within hours of its posting.

“We want to be part of the community and what better way to do that than have your local high school come in and cook for us,” stated JBJ Soul Kitchen Manager Lou Morreale.

“And the kids are just amazing,” he adds. “When Chef Peter Roskowinski (the RBR Culinary teacher) brings these kids they are top of the class and do a great job.”

rbr culinary 2PHOTO:  RBR culinary students,Gianni Perfetto, Brandon Trani, and Sarah Lashovitz, all of Little Silver, work to prepare their Hope is Delicious dinner, a fundraiser at and for the JBJ Soul Kitchen in Red Bank.

On the menu that evening was a mouthwatering panko crested eggplant pirogue finished with sautéed shrimp in petite diced vegetable cream sauce. A tossed romaine salad dressed with red wine vinaigrette accompanied the main course of braised boneless chicken thighs in a shallot wine sauce with a side dish of Mediterranean style couscous and oven roasted cauliflower. The pièce de résistance was an Italian mascarpone espresso chocolate chip ice box pie.

“We love doing the annual JBJ Soul Kitchen fundraiser, Chef Roskowinski explains, “the people here are great to work with and this is such an incredible opportunity for our kids to work in a restaurant setting, take full control while performing a community service.”

rbr culinary 1PHOTO: RBR Culinary student Victoria Scamardella, Union Beach, checks on the panko crested eggplant pirogue, the first course in the RBR Hope is Delicious fundraiser dinner at and for the JBJ Soul Kitchen.

The students also agree with their teacher’s sentiment. Culinary Institute bound senior Victoria Scamardella described it as her favorite cooking assignment in her culinary program adding, “It is a great atmosphere in which to cook with my peers.”

One of her peers, and future fellow Culinary Institute classmate, Derrick Bradley, is grateful for the opportunity to showcase his skills and increase his restaurant experience. He has already landed a job as a Souse chef in a Monmouth county restaurant before departing for New Hyde Park in the fall.

Kaylee Faragasso, who hopes to become a pastry chef, and had her hand in creating the ice box pie adds, “Working in places like the Soul Kitchen is wonderful as I get to show what I can do while doing good things for people.”

For more information on the JBJ Soul Kitchen community restaurant visit their website at http://www.jbjsoulkitchen.org/.