LEONARDO, NJ - You may have noticed that your vision has changed over the years. Then, a visit to the eye specialist reveals a serious eye condition such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Despite efforts to combat your illness, your vision deteriorates further. Second and third opinion consultations do not give better news. You face the frightening prospect of becoming legally or even totally blind.

Since 1910, the New Jersey Blind Citizens Association (NJBCA) has been serving the needs of those in this area facing vision loss and blindness. Located in the town of Leonardo, on the New Jersey Shore, NJBCA offers a haven in which visually impaired/blind individuals will not face their dilemma alone.

blind citizens 2If you grew up in the shore area, you may remember the name of Camp Happiness. This was the summer vacation program for the blind that was run by NJBCA for many years.

Since 1987, NJBCA has operated the Wobser Day Camp Program to provide the safe haven mentioned earlier. On Mondays through Thursdays, we offer programs in art and technology instruction as well as craft, peer support, CCTV loaner program and side trip opportunities. We are developing a program to provide CCTVs  and other low vision aids for participants to try out on the premises.

As a proud member and Board member since 2001, I can attest to the fact that NJBCA has helped me learn and grow since losing my vision. Thus, I offer this message as a lifeline to those who are suffering vision loss. I invite you to visit our organization.

Our address is:
New Jersey Blind Citizens Association
18 Burlington Avenue
Leonardo,NJ 07737
Phone: (732)291-0878

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