coyotePHOTO - A coyote in Sea Bright is captured in a photo by Ty Harrison.

SEA BRIGHT, NJ -  A young coyote is taking advantage of the warmer weather to travel along the shore. 

The animal was spotted in Long Branch on Tuesday.  


Carl Stump, of Long Branch, a caretaker at an apartment complex in the town captured the coyote on video around 4:10 PM wandering the complex before it finally left the area.

(video clip of coyote in Long Branch by Carl Stump)

The coyote was spotted early Thursday by Ty Harrison, of Highlands, who capture a photo of the coyote on the 400 block of Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright. 

Sea Bright Police Department dispatcher, Gerald Dupry, said the coyote was seen, early in the afternoon Thursday by the animal control officer, crossing the borough Northern border into Gateway Nation Recreation Area.

A male dispatcher at the park said a couple of people in the park reported spotting the coyote.  The park has natural resource biologists that will keep an eye out for the coyote, he said.

If you see the animal do not approach it or try to call out to it.  Do not turn your back to it, but move away from the area.  Report any sightings to authorities.