NEW YORK, NY - Each year tells its own financial tale, and with 2015 nearing its conclusion, WalletHub today released its 10 Financial Predictions for 2016 in order to help consumers get a jump on next year’s narrative. After all, foresight has the potential to produce massive returns when it comes to monetary concerns, and WalletHub’s predictions have earned an impressive 3.62 GPA over the past four years.

Below you can find a handful of our predictions, which are based in part on conversations with a panel of leading economics and finance experts. 

  1. U.S. GDP Growth Will Be Roughly 2.4%, Lagging the Worldwide Average of Roughly 3%
  2. The U.S. Will Approach “Full Employment”
  3. The S&P 500 Will End The Year At 2,188
  4. U.S. Auto Sales Will Flirt With 18 Million
  5. Oil Prices Will Post A Modest Rebound
  6. The Fed Will Raise Rates Once In 2016, Bringing Its Median Target Rate to 0.625%
  7. The Housing Market Will Be Marked By Slowed Growth, Higher Costs
  8. Credit Availability Will Contract As Interest Rates & Defaults Rise
  9. Medical Records Will Become An Increasingly Attractive Target For Identity Thieves Relative To Credit Info
  10. Fannie & Freddie Will Say Farewell To FICO

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