County offers a series of health & safety tips throughout the season

FREEHOLD, NJ – Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Maybe you can’t make it white, but you can do your part to Go Green this holiday season.

“This season, you can do your part by making sustainable holiday choices when you shop, travel, send cards, decorate and choose gifts,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Serena DiMaso, liaison to the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. “Doing your part now will help to create a better, healthier future for our environment.”

If you want to incorporate sustainability into your holiday celebrations, the CDC offer the following list of suggestions:

  • Decorate with items that are energy-efficient and durable.
    • If you decorate with a holiday tree, make the most energy efficient choice.
    • Use energy efficiently.
    • Decorate creatively and inexpensively with natural materials from your yard or with items you already own.
  • Use fewer resources when you shop, give presents, and wrap gifts.
    • Take your own bags on shopping trips. Keep them in the car so they're always available.
    • Give gifts that are durable, energy-efficient, recyclable, or made of natural products.
    • Support your local economy by buying from local merchants, craft shows, or antique shops.
    • Purchase gifts that are fair-trade, locally made or grown, or organically grown.
  • Give cards that are eco-friendly.
    • Send email cards or make your own.
    • Buy cards made from "post-consumer" content and printed in non-toxic inks.
    • Reuse the fronts of old cards as holiday postcards or gift tags.
  • Eat sustainable food and avoid disposable containers and extra packaging
    • Research sustainable food choices in your area and buy locally if possible.
    • Buy snacks and beverages in bulk to avoid extra packaging.
    • Serve food with washable utensils, plates, and glasses, rather than disposable items.

“There’s no reason not to choose a few of these sustainable options,” said DiMaso. “Doing so will help your local community, your environment and give you more time to focus on what is really important this time of year—family and friends!”