tedxnavesinkTEDxNavesink Committee to select a few dozen inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists of all ages to showcase their creations during TEDxNavesink: Makers at Monmouth University on April, 9, 2015.

WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ - Are you a maker? Do you tinker and create with technology, bring your ideas to life with new inventions, create beautiful jewelry or furniture by hand, or make a difference in your community with outside the box thinking and programs? If so, then TEDxNavesink wants to showcase you and what you do.


The TEDxNavesink 2016 Makers conference will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Monmouth University’s Pollak Theatre, 400 Cedar Avenue in West Long Branch, NJ. The conference will feature talks by 30 pioneering makers from New York, New Jersey and around the globe. Talks will be recorded and shared with a global audience.

The event will also feature a Makers Gallery, exhibiting unique creations by society’s makers. The Gallery, free to the public and TEDxNavesink ticket holders, will be held in Monmouth University’s Anacon Hall.

Are you or someone you know involved in making cutting edge and creative products? Make your mark, apply to the Makers Gallery today. Visit www.tedxnavesink.com today to apply.

“Our selection committee is looking for makers that have the wow factor - people creating products made from unexpected materials and items at the cutting edge of technology that change the way we live,” said Georgine Eberight, Gallery curator. “The Gallery will be the ultimate sensory and tactile experience, truly embodying what it means to be a maker.”

TEDxNavesink defines makers as revolutionaries who only see malleable things to be hacked, deconstructed and reconstructed into better things. They make software that itself learns to make things. They make art, music, novels, and movies. This society is in a revolution of making so vast it goes unnoticed. Manufacturing has moved into garages and living rooms and the do it yourself mentality is now an industry.

TEDxNavesink is offering special tickets for the holiday season. General admission tickets are $55 and $40 for guests under 40 years old. Tickets include admission to the Makers Gallery and the reception. Treat yourself and your friends to the gift of “ideas worth sharing” in this all-day event held Saturday, April 9, at Monmouth University’s Pollak Theater. Click here to purchase your tickets before the special offer is over.

About TEDxNavesink

TEDxNavesink is a self-organizing annual Monmouth County-based TEDx event dedicated to education, community, innovation, and “ideas worth spreading.” Each year, a different theme is chosen to build the day of nonfiction theater. Hundreds of business and nonprofit leaders, students from local universities and sponsors plan, manage and fund the all-day event. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit www.tedxnavesink.com.