Littoral Society Director. Tim Dillingham to speak at 6 pm, Monday, Nov. 23 at Brookdale Community College

LINCROFT, NJ -  Tim Dillingham, executive director of the American Littoral Society, will discuss the health of New Jersey ocean environment and the uneasy relationship between inhabited coastlines and uninhibited seas at 6 pm Nov. 23 at Brookdale Community College (BCC), Lincroft. The meeting, open to the public, includes members of the BCC Environmental Club and other students and the Jersey Shore (Monmouth) Sierra Group

Specifically, he will focus on the problems of living on the coast in a changing climate and how we can use nature and nature-based approaches to develop coastal resiliency. He will look at the need to restore and protect coastal habitat after Hurricane Sandy and explore several defensive strategies for predicted sea rise in the future.

The issue of restoring the Jersey Coast against future hurricanes and rising sea levels, while protecting the state’s fragile coastal marine habitat, has been a heated topic since Hurricane Sandy. Economic and development advocates argue for more development to offset the economic losses due to Sandy, while environmental and zoning advocates argue for tighter controls on development to avoid future flooding disasters.

Since 1961, the ALS has urged citizens to care for the coast through advocacy, conservation, and education. Not only does the ALS “represent the fish,” a favorite slogan of the Society’s staff, its mission also is to give citizens the knowledge and tools they need to raise their voices as well. “When we restore habitat, our objective is not only to restore a dune or rebuild an oyster reef, but also to motivate people to invest ‘sweat equity’ into a piece of the coast, take ownership and become committed stewards.”

Mr. Dillingham’s presentation, part of BCC’s “Science Monday” lectures, is hosted by Brookdale’s Environmental Club to encourage students to be involved in statewide and national debates on the importance of strong environmental protections. At the Lincroft meeting, a pizza and subs buffet begins at 6:00 p.m. and the presentation begins at 6:30 p.m.

To get to Brookdale’s Lincroft campus, take Parkway Exit 109 to Route 520 West (Newman Springs Road, which becomes E. Main Street at the Lincroft campus). Take the traffic circle into the campus and follow the signs to the Warner Student Life Center (SLC) and parking lot 7, where the meeting will be in the SLC Twin Lights Rooms 1 and 2. Use parking lot 7. As you walk eastward towards the building complex, Warner will be on your left. If lot 7 is full, use parking lots 5 or 6. A campus map is at .