joanne jodry doctorsABERDEEN, NJ - Joanne Jodry, a Monmouth University professor undergoing chemotherapy for stage 2 breast cancer made news when the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission refused to let her use her old photograph, reflecting a time when she was healthy, when she went to renew her license.

Joanne had lost all her hair and tried to explain that her appearance was only temporary. However, the Motor Vehicle Commission refused to allow her to use the old photo and required her to be photographed as she was. It was a very emotional moment for her and her daughter and now, the license will be a constant reminder of when she was undergoing treatments.


Hearing about Joanne’s story, on October 30, 2015, “The Doctors” interviewed Joanne about the experience, her thoughts and her feelings. “The Doctors” also planned, with the help of  Nicole Hymowitz Photography, a Monmouth County NJ based business, to surprise Joanne with a beautiful portrait session for herself and her daughter.

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