newman springs dental scholarship rinaudoLincroft, NJ - Drs. Mitchel Friedman and Julia Cintron of Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft believe that having a whiter smile can do more than make you feel more confident; it can help sick and disadvantaged children get needed health care.

Mary Nicosia accepted the check from Dr. Mitchel Friedman at the dental clinic in the Parker Family Heather Center in Red Bank. Dr. Friedman is also a dentist volunteer at the health center. Dr. Friedman, his staff and patients together raised $2,644 by whitening the donor’s smiles. The donation was shared equally between the Smiles For Life and Parker Family Health Center. is a charity organization that raises funds for the benefit of children.

The Crown Council is pleased to announce another incredible campaign for the Smiles for Life Foundation, which raised $1.5 million for underprivileged children this year. The Smiles for Life Campaign, made possible by Ultradent and Crown Council dentists, is dedicated to children in need in North America.

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