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Photo: Potcakes feeling the love in Abaco, Bahamas   Photo by John D Stack

Films Documentary- to save the indigenous dogs of the Bahamas

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - Dr. Harvey’s, a NJ based all natural pet food company, has joined forces with filmmaker and actress, Evelyn Vaccaro to help the Potcake dogs of the Bahamas and fund the making of a documentary called Project Potcake.


Potcakes, are the indigenous breed of dogs of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. Dr. Harvey’s has been known for over 30 years as company making fine health foods for companion animals, but supporting animal rescue and animal welfare has always been a big part of the company’s mission.

Atlantic Highlands resident and President of Dr. Harvey’s, Wendy Shankin-Cohen, says, “We became aware of the difficult and serious situation of the Potcakes in Abaco, Bahamas, where a fearless handful of rescuers are valiantly fighting to protect these indigenous dogs. The rescuers work tirelessly, with very little outside support and no government funding. We thought we could make a difference.”

Evelyn Vaccaro, a US filmmaker, long time Potcake rescuer and champion of the Potcake mission had dreamed of filming a documentary about the plight of these dogs and the people who work with them. Ms.Vaccaro approached Dr. Harvey’s with her idea for the rescue mission and documentary and together with Dr. Harvey’s her vision has been realized.

In late July of this year, Ms. Shankin-Cohen and Ms.Vaccaro traveled to Abaco, Bahamas armed with much needed supplies for the dogs including foods, treats, supplements and medications. The two women presented the Abaco Shelter and the Abaco rescuers these supplies and funds raised partially through a GoFundMe campaign. Private pilots devoted their time and small planes to transport hundreds of pounds of supplies and camera equipment. Ms. Vaccaro was given total and exclusive access to the rescue mission there, she filmed everywhere she went and will now edit the footage into the long awaited documentary.

Dr. Harvey’s has reached out to their friends and fans to support this mission and the response has been overwhelming. “So many people have come forward to help save these wonderful dogs. We have received donations from around the world. Even JetBlue got on board and allowed all supplies to be shipped to it’s initial destination in Orlando without extra baggage fees. Other manufacturers have also stepped up and donated supplies and medications through Drexel University in Philadelphia. The help from the community of pilots and Bahamian residents has been enormous and really very moving.”, said Ms. Shankin-Cohen. “We have already seen the impact that Project Potcake has had on the welfare of the animals and the rescuers that love them. The mission has begun to raise awareness in the US and in the Bahamas. Education is key. It is our sincere hope that the excitement that this initial mission has created will continue to resonate throughout the world, bringing hope and help to these dogs in need.”

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