180 ode moonPHOTO: (left to right) is the artistic team of singer/songwriter Allison LaRochelle and Yoga instructor Eleonora Zampatti who take their unique healing powers of music and movement on the road in the Ode to the Moon summer tour to benefit victims of domestic abuse.

Red Bank, NJ - Last year, Eleonora Zampatti, a Red Bank yoga instructor, launched a unique artistic brand of yoga, called Ode to the Moon (OTTM) combining the healing powers of art, music and yoga to benefit women suffering domestic abuse.

She was recently commended by the benefactor of her efforts, the non-profit organization 180 Turning Lives Around (180), with their Outstanding Community Partner Award. Danielle Buccellato, the owner of Renaissance Pilates, Red Bank, NJ, the home base of OTTM, was also honored. Every new moon, OTTM offers the healing power of yoga to its clients. All profits, including the sale of homemade clothing and jewelry, benefit 180, which directly support Monmouth county women suffering domestic violence.

            Eleonora, along with her powerful, soulful singer/songwriter partner Allison LaRochelle, Middletown, took their show on the road in affiliation with other yoga studios and organizations. Admission for all summer programs is $25. Tickets may be ordered at the indicated website.

            The OTTM summer tour kick-off takes place at Renaissance Pilates, on Sunday, July 26, at 5pm. An art exhibit courtesy of Detour Gallery will feature artwork themed to the OTTM message of healing and empowerment. 180’s Amanda’s Easel art therapy program will also represent its survivors’ art. NY YOGA And Lifestyle Magazine will be on hand to meet and greet patrons. The 60 minute OTTM yoga class, accompanied by live music, will begin at 6 pm. For tickets, visit the website www.renaissancepilatesredbank.com

            The tour continues in the tri-state area as follows:

  • August 14, 6:30 – 7:30; Spring Lake Pavilion, Spring Lake, NJ, sponsored by Baree’and Soul; http://www.barresoulnj.com
  • August 23, 10 to 11 am, Pier 13, Manhattan, sponsored by Renaissance Pilates Hoboken.
  • September 18-20, Hampton Yoga Festival, Bridgehampton, NY; http://www.hamptonsyogafest.com

            On October 23-25, OTTM takes its program all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England, as part of the OM Yoga Show London; http://wwwomyogashow.com.

            Eleonora, a domestic abuse survivor, created OTTM so that others may find the same healing power in art and movement that she has found in yoga.

            She explains, “Yoga is the tool I used to heal myself and made me believe I was strong enough to make it. I want Ode to the Moon to become that for other women so they feel that no matter how dark it looks, if believe in yourself, you have the power to change your circumstances.”

            In conjunction with the summer tour, OTTM is re-launching a special Instagram challenge with photographer Claire Sheprow of Asbury Park called “Breaking Open.” It presents a series of lyrical images and poetic words to empower and inspire those to break away from the overwhelming entrapment of abuse.

            Ms. Zampatti remarks, “I have received so many amazing and heart rendering messages from followers around the world who responded to this challenge when we first launched it in April, and hope to continue this cathartic communication during our summer tour.”

            You can follow Breaking Open at hastag #breakingopen or by searching eleonorazampatti.

            To learn more about Ode to the Moon visit the website http://www.embraceandbloom.com.