ahh logoThe Atlantic Highlands Herald Celebrates 16th anniversary

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ  - On this, our 16th anniversary, I would like to thank the volunteers writers who have shared their columns with us over the years - many of them since the very first days of the Herald.  Rev. Dr. George Hancock-Stefan, Joe Reynolds, Wood Zimmerman, Jack Archibald, Daniel Vance, Anne Mikolay, Tom Brennan, David Prown, Daniel Murphy, Dennis Mikolay, and so many others over the years have provided thoughful commentary, reviews, and information so useful to our neighbors.

Some history:

On July 17, 1999, I posted news items on the Herald website and sent the first issue of the Herald Newsbrief to about 300 people on my email list. This marks the beginning of online-only newspapers in North America. (wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_newspaper)

On January 1, 2000, the Borough of Atlantic Highlands named the Herald one of their "official newspapers" making the town the first to name an online newspaper as a governing body's "Official Newspaper". Other government bodies, the AH Harbor Commission and the Borough of Keansburg later named the Herald their official newspaper for the publication of notices.

In 2009, the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly passed a joint resolution honoring the Herald for being the first online newspaper in New Jersey.

Over the years, the readership has continued to grow and I now send email to nearly 5,000 readers every day. Our website now has nearly 50,000 unique visitors each month and our social media activity on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. grows daily. You can sign up for free on our home page to receive the AHHerald Newsbrief.  www.ahherald.com

The goal from the start has been to provide news and events coverage for the Bayshore. Then, as now, there was little coverage from the large daily newspapers for our area. The Herald has become part of the daily life for the residents in the Bayshore. I hope that we have touched your life in positive and helpful ways.

There are many, many contributors and sponsors to thank for all they have done over the years to support the Herald and inform the readers.

And thanks to you, our readers, for being part of the journey.