john christine whitmanJohn Whitman and his wife, ex-Gov. Christine Whitman

HOLMDEL, NJ - The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation mourns the passing of friend and brother, John Whitman. John and his wife, former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, were instrumental in building the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and Museum. They brought New Jersey and its Vietnam Veterans together to remember, to honor and to heal.

"His generosity, hard work, and passion to ensure all New Jersey Vietnam soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors who lost their lives in the Vietnam War would forever be memorialized in a hallowed place where all can come to pay tribute, honor, and remember those who served," said Clark Martin, Chairman of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation.

John was a decorated veteran of the United States Army and served in Vietnam. He had an unwavering passion and dedication to the NJ memorial and took pride in giving the state a way to remember, honor and heal.

Below is a list of John Whitman's immense contributions to the foundation:

  • From 1982-1995, John was monumentally instrumental in raising funds and awareness for the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, as well as the Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center
  • When funds fell short, John continued to raise money for the project he felt so passionately about
  • John and his wife were frequent presenters during foundation ceremonies, including Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and Remembrance Day, a day honoring Vietnam Veterans and their sacrifices
  • John and his wife were frequent donors to the foundation and were honored by the foundation for their selfless dedication to the memorial and museum

The foundation encourages you and your family to visit the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial in honor and memory of John.