Paddle4Blue Stops In NY, NJ, PA, OH, MI & IL

Margo Pellegrino, a stay at home mother of two, will paddle from New York City to Chicago with scheduled stops along the way to educate the public about watershed issues that impact our drinking water, waterways, and our ocean, and will highlight the local groups working on these issues.

Margo will begin her two month paddle in an outrigger canoe in Newark, NJ this Wednesday, May 20th. From there she will paddle to Pier 66 in NYC, from where she will begin the first portion of her two part journey. Pellegrino's paddle from NYC to Chicago, as  project of Blue Frontier is the first leg of a two-year paddle from “The Big Apple to The Big Easy” during which she and organizational allies and environmental leaders along the way will draw attention to issues impacting our inland waterways and ocean and urge communities to take necessary action.

Margo’s paddling event is a project of the Blue Frontier Campaign, with help from Earth Justice, Surfers’ Environmental Alliance, and others including Clean Ocean Action, NJ/NY Baykeeper, Environment New Jersey, Food and Water Watch.


Wednesday, May 20—Riverfront Park Raymond Blvd, Ironbound Section, Newark, NJ, departing at 6:00 am 

Thursday, May 21—Pier 66 (on the Hudson), NYC, NY;  departing at 6:00 am


Upcoming Landing Locations:

Thursday, May 21st: Thu-Peekskill, NY on the Hudson* Lent’s Cove or Charles Point Marina,

Crystal Bay

Friday, May 22nd: Poughkeepsie, NY -public boat launch, slightly north of rt. 44

Saturday, May 23rd: Hudson, NY - public boat launch on Ferry St.

Sunday, May 18th: Albany, NY (into the Erie Canal and onto the Great Lakes)

Future Paddling landing sites and dates.   

Margo’s real time location can be found here via GPS-enabled SPOT Tracker. 

Margo hopes that by dropping into these waterways on her outrigger canoe and paddling 2,000 miles, she can remind the public of the responsibility we all share in protecting this precious resource.  Paddle4Blue is one woman’s solo paddle journey across six states to raise awareness of the dangers facing our waterways.  

This journey for our water over the course of two months is not her first adventure with a mission. Previously Margo paddled from Miami to Maine, around the Gulf Coast, and the West Coast along with a few smaller, more local jaunts to highlight ocean issues. As in her past treks, local organizations, politicians and the public will participate in the water and on land to support her mission, discuss the threats to our waterways, and showcase success stories.  Journeywoman, Margo has a scheduled tour of stops along the route that will include press conferences and meetings with members of the press, politicians and the public.

Margo will collect water samples at various points using Hope2o test kits provided by Blue Ocean Sciences. These will be assembled to a database that can be shared.

Margo and her partners intend to shine a light on the many problems within our watersheds and waterways while providing hope that they are “fixable” and inspire interested citizens into action. This journey across the waterways will raise awareness locally and nationally, empower individuals to become involved with organizations working on these issues, and inspire them to get out and enjoy their local waterways.

More information about Margo's journey can be found here