WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) issued the following statement following passage in the House of Representatives of the Iran Nuclear Review Agreement Act of 2015, authored by Senators Corker and Menendez.

“Iran is at the negotiating table because of severe economic sanctions that I authored and were passed by Congress. Enactment of this legislation will ensure that Congress has a final say in any agreement that the Obama Administration might make with Iran. Congress must be the ultimate decision-maker on whether any agreement ensures that Iran does not become a nuclear-weapons state, and the ultimate decision-maker on any proposed sanctions relief, as well as overseeing Iran’s compliance with any agreement.”

“Hope is not a national security strategy when it comes to Iran, a country with a government that has deceived the international community, defied watchdog weapons inspectors, and developed an illicit nuclear weapons program that threatens our allies. Only a verifiable agreement that significantly dismantles Iran’s illicit nuclear infrastructure will ensure that Iran does not become a nuclear-weapons state.”