TRENTON, NJ - New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney and Speaker of New Jersey State Assembly Vinnie Prieto have issued statements in support of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez.  Menendez was indicted yesterday on federal corruption charges.

New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney:

"Senator Menendez has worked tirelessly for the people of New Jersey and this country, especially in his advocacy for federal aid following Superstorm Sandy. The justice system in the United States is premised on the principle of innocent until proven guilty and Senator Menendez should not be judged until he has his day in court."
Speaker of New Jersey State Assembly Vinnie Prieto:

"No one in Washington fights for New Jersey like Senator Menendez. When working families were faced with the threat of the unfair Alternative Minimum Tax, Bob Menendez stopped it. When flood insurance rate hikes threatened to force families from their homes, Bob Menendez stopped them. Now, as President Obama is giving in to the brutal Castro regime and trying to restore relations without even securing the return of a convicted cop-killer in return, we need Bob Menendez to stop him."This investigation has been questionable from the beginning when the FBI began looking into fraudulent claims, claims possibly spread by the Cuban government, and it still stinks today. I hope that Senator Menendez continues to fight back and that he continues standing up for New Jersey."