chris hanlon swearing clerk 2015PHOTO: Monmouth County Clerk M. Claire French, whose retirement is effective later today, holds the bible as Christine Giordano Hanlon, standing next to her husband Robert Hanlon, is sworn-in as Acting County Clerk by Superior Court Judge Joseph W. Oxley on March 31 in Freehold, NJ.


FREEHOLD, NJ – Christine Giordano Hanlon was sworn-in as the Acting County Clerk this morning by Superior Court Judge Joseph W. Oxley.

“It is an honor to be sworn in as the Acting County Clerk,” said Hanlon. “Claire has set an excellent example for me to follow and I promise to continue her work on behalf of and for MonmouthCounty residents.”

Monmouth County Clerk M. Claire French, whose retirement is effective later today, held the bible as Hanlon was sworn in.

“I am confident that Christine is going to be a great CountyClerk and I wish her the best of luck,” said French. “It feels like only yesterday that I was being sworn in as CountyClerk. I truly enjoyed my job as Clerk and I will miss all of the wonderful people I have had a privilege to work with over the years.”

Prior to being sworn in as Acting County Clerk, Hanlon, of Ocean Township, was formerly an attorney at Archer & Greiner’s Middletown office.  She served as Deputy Borough Attorney in Tinton Falls, Municipal Prosecutor in Atlantic Highlands and as a Commissioner of the Monmouth County Board of Elections.

The County Clerk’s office oversees the recording and filing of property deeds and other official documents, voter registration and election certification, passport processing and the Monmouth County archives.