It is cold outside and a group of volunteers have organized a grassroots effort to provide clothing and other items to those in need.   The group N.J. Food & Clothing Rescue, is a grassroots charity located in Passaic, NJ. They plan an outreach at the YMCA in Newark on the Feb. 28th.  

Volunteers will be bringing clothing, coats, hats, food, toys and personal hygiene products to be distributed to approximately 95 homeless children and 100 adults. If the supply of items exceeds the needs there, the group will go out in the streets looking for those in need until the supply of items is depleted.  N.J. Food & Clothing Rescue has a facebook page and is run by Phil Stafford and a network of volunteers. For info on how to help, or if you have needs, call 201 747 8706.

N.J Food & Clothing Rescue is always on the lookout for other groups and individuals doing similar and related things. The goal is to create an NJ wide, network of individuals, grassroots organizations and resources as well as non profits that can be accessed and utilized by those in immediate need in NJ, focusing on helping people who lose everything in fires, those that are homeless and at risk families. The network will have the ability during devastating fires, such as Avalon in Egdewater, or in the event of a man made or natural disaster, such as superstorm Sandy, to rapidly gather needed items and deliver them "pony express" style in a short time which is critical.