Care for the Caregiver: A Time for You

Long Branch, NJ - For many caregivers, taking care of an elderly or chronically ill loved one is a job for which they feel unprepared. It is a task that often requires physical, emotional and spiritual strength, along with patience and stamina.

Caregivers frequently report feelings of isolation, loneliness and uncertainty. Giving them a place to share concerns and questions is the focus of Care for Caregiver: A Time for You, a monthly support group hosted by Barnabas Health Hospice. Topics may range from practical concerns, such as how to bathe someone, to emotional issues such as sadness and anxiety. The group meets the first Wednesday of every month, from 10 to 11 a.m., as follows. Attendees are encouraged to drop in any time during the 60-minute session.

  • Barnabas Health Hospice
    Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch
    Registration is required. Call 732-923-6215.