Keyport, NJ - Governor Chris Christie signed the Hackensack Meadowlands Consolidation Act (S3969) into law today without mention of the negative impacts it will have on Liberty State Park.

Governor Christie added language to a Meadowlands Consolidation bill that had nothing to do with Liberty State Park and neglected a great opportunity to correct his mistake.  Park advocates simply request that Liberty State Park be planned, implemented and administered by NJDEP Parks and Forestry, as is every other park in New Jersey.  It is not geographically in the Meadowlands District, nor is it an economic development district, so it should not be in any way under the auspices of the Meadowlands Regional Planning Commission.

By placing Liberty State Park’s sacred public space under the control of a politically directed economic development commission, we feel as if Governor Christie has pulled the chair out from under the Statue of Liberty and all for which she stands. 

Once again, this stinks even for New Jersey politics. We are extremely disappointed with Governor Christie's neglect for environmental concerns.