TRENTON, NJ - Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean introduced now-bipartisan legislation to require the state Motor Vehicle Commission to study and make recommendations about implementing electronic driver’s licenses and mobile applications.

“Whenever feasible we must bring public services directly to where the people are, whether that’s social media or mobile phones,” said Kean (R-Union, Somerset, Morris). “An e-driver’s license will be more convenient for the vast majority of residents, while making one of the most-used government services more efficient and less costly.”

Senator Kean said that the ideal e-driver’s license program in New Jersey, resulting from Senate Bill 2695, would allow people to still use traditional plastic licenses if they want.

“People are literally attached to their phones, with many of us opting to use mobile forms of payment, banking and credit,” Kean said. “New Jersey should be at the forefront of new technology and innovation in the safest way possible. We have an opportunity to be ahead of the curve in this instance and learn from Iowa and Delaware, which are aggressively working toward implementing e-driver’s licenses as soon as possible.”

This week, Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Nicholas Sacco (D-Bergen, Hudson) signed on as co-prime sponsor of S-2695, and the bill is expected to be promptly posted for a vote.

Senator Kean also sponsors SCR-126, which dedicates all New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) surplus moneys to the state’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF). In recent years, that surplus has been about $400 million per year and can be an even more significant annual funding source for the TTF as the MVC and its services become more efficient and technologically advanced with initiatives, such as the potential implementation of e-driver’s licenses.