NEWARK, N.J.U.S. Senator Robert Menendez on Tuesday released the following statement on the proposal by Governors Christie and Cuomo to reform the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

"As someone who has consistently fought for resources to help New Jersey commuters and expand our public transit systems, I have serious concerns with the Governors' proposal to privatize PATH or cut system services.  The notion of using Port Authority reform as a 'Trojan Horse' for transit cutbacks is ill-conceived.

"More than anywhere else in the nation, our region depends on transit for our economic viability and quality of life.  To that end, we must have a Port Authority that is responsible and responsive to the people it serves.  As long as the Port Authority is going to charge New Jerseyans $14 to cross its bridges and tunnels, a viable transit alternative is essential.

"Further, I am deeply disappointed in Governor Christie's decision to veto reform legislation passed unanimously by both the New Jersey and New York State Legislatures.  These are common-sense reforms that are key to rebuilding the public trust after decades of questionable decision-making and mismanagement by the Port Authority.  Their customers and the taxpayers of New Jersey deserve better."